School of Ancestral Pedagogics

There is an inner call inside you to a good-living, that is the natural order. As native people of ancestral thought, we know that this is a call from the Earth that is our mother and our body, which is in a continuous process of self-care. By forgetting this universal principle we have been acting in disorder, generating territorial disharmony, the very manifestation of the disconnection of our mind and our body. In response to this urgent call, we offer as people of the Earth this path of healing. 

Ancestral is a synonym of origin, of what is eternally natural. Understanding and fulflling the law of origin we walk the path of the medicine people. That is why we open this invitation to share this space to heal in all dimensions of our existence. For this, we have been sharing these medicines that are nothing more than the ancient people who have accompanied us and who come to give advice.

Fuhuzá and Hoska

(Hayo and Tobacco People)

Hayo and tobacco were before the human people, that’s why we consider them our grandmother and grandfather. Receiving them in our body is activating the genetic memory of the universe and of mother earth in each one of us. This sharing in a circle is an ancient methodology for healing our feminine and masculine energy to understand our own and collective purpose.

Cacawa and Aba

(Cocoa and Corn)

The corn seed, like gold, is a memory of our universal ancestral native lineage. Corn brings a word of celebration reminding us that we are all family and to understand that what is inside is outside – Hicha wy mue, mue wy hicha-. Likewise, the word of cocoa is to remember the voice of our heart and to act from love.

Through stories, songs and dances, internal structures will be recomposed that will mobilize physical actions and will strengthen the good life of all beings for this new time. Singing and dancing we heal our lineage, remembering that we are children of the earth and the sun.

Holistic healing and ancestral
manual therapies

As connoisseurs of ancestral medicines, we offer individual sessions of ancestral manual therapy and other practices focused on the healing of the body and mind, from the attention of the energy and psycho-physical fields, which in some cases manifest as pain and / or illness. Massages, osteopathy, reflexology, acupressure, pranic healing, decongestion and energetic alignment of the physical and auric body to recompose the systems, muscles, bones, body aches and all kinds of manifestations of imbalance and / or disease. Reduce stress, rest and renew yourself

Between the months of August, September and October we will be holding a Sacred Walk in Europe. A planetarian commitment to share the teachings of our traditions in pedagogical circles sharing cacao, corn, fuhuza and hoska. Plants that bring a story. Stories that bring an advice for a good-living. 


Available also one-to-one holistic healing and ancestral manual therapies.

We will visit Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain. 

If you have any interest in joining or organizing a ceremony at your community contact us.

Nyïa Ceremony 2024

A yearly ceremony to receive the new sun during Equinox.

March 11-24, 2024
It is a 15 days retreat to reconnect to the our memory of nature. To be native. 

Transport Bogota-Fowe / camping space / vegan food / learning around cacao, fuhuza, corn, hoska rituals /sun equinox ceremony / gold ceremony / learning about reading and communicating with nature / learning ceramics, permaculture, weaving / energetic, physical and mental purification / community living / visiting sacred territories

Limited space. Book your place:


This is a non-profit organization committed to the liberation of territory and awakening of an aligned consciousness for a good-living.  This is a school to prepare us for the present and future our mother Earth is asking for.

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